Leveraging the

    Leveraging the "Unpackaging" Social Media Trend For Your Business

    Keeping tabs on social media is always a good idea for e-commerce retailers looking for unique opportunities to leverage a trend, or even to find answers for why a previously reliable practice isn't being received as well anymore. "Unboxing" videos, the practice of simply filming a brand new product being removed from its packaging, are a great example of this. There's a big increase in searches for the term in recent years, and on YouTube, the top… [Read More]

    What is Retailtainment and Why is it Important?

    What is Retailtainment and Why is it Important?

    Brick and mortar shops are suffering. Sales are decreasing and more people are shopping online because they don't have to wait in lines or dodge huge crowds of people. Retailtainment is a new marketing strategy that uses emotion, sounds, and promotions to get customers interested in your products and in the mood to buy. What is Retailtainment? Retailtainment is a marketing trend that makes retailers go beyond simply having a nice-looking store. They need something bigger to… [Read More]