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    Spring Color Trends Make Bold Statements

    Spring Color Trends Make Bold Statements

    Fashion often provides a touchstone for trends in advertising and marketing for business. Color is an important branding element as its intent is to capture attention and interest, as well as to reflect society's current mood. Colors used for a particular brand can truly set it apart by providing context and emotion for its offerings. 2016 Spring color trends are no exception. This year's colors alternately reflect tranquility and boldness. The 2016 palette is not specifically masculine or… [Read More]

    Wave of the Future: Partner with a Start-Up

    Wave of the Future: Partner with a Start-Up

    Harnessing the power of start-up entrepreneurs is already a strategic financial maneuver of venture capitalists. Everyday, investors provide early-stage seed money to emerging companies in exchange for equity. That early stake in the incubator company will pay off in huge returns if/when the product or service skyrockets. In the news recently, Target Corporation shared how it has set apart one of its San Francisco stores to act as an "Open House" concept store to tap into… [Read More]