Your customers have a serious sweet tooth, and you know the package that presents your treats is as important as the sugary goodness inside. S. Walter Packaging’s specialty candy bags, candy boxes, linen pouches and wax paper wraps are perfect for your sweet shop. We can help you find the perfect products for your coordinated candy packaging solution.

    The Candy Industry uses many packaging elements for their stores, whether it be for candy or chocolate, or for the elegant gift packages made behind the counters. Each element is uniquely branded, developed with its purpose in mind, and works as a walking billboard.

    Most upscale Chocolatiers are serving both the Food and Retail markets. Like Godiva, their brand needs to be represented on all their packaging - even on Food safe packaging and waxed tissue.

    Another type of food grade bag is the stock Tin Tie bag. Customize it with your name or logos for any store or even as a favor at a special event!

    Chocolate and Stawberries! Fruit Flowers specializes in Chocolate Covered Strawberries. Here are two examples of custom boxes with strawberry trays.

    Thomas Sweets' packaging is a great example of a plain shopping bag, jazzed up with simple artwork. The logo also looks great printed on this brown candy assortment box.

    Tins are a great way to present and sell your candy or treats! Eleni's has two custom Tins that were created with two different designs, one high end, the other more playful!

    The Wilbur Chocolate factory and shop achieves great flexibility with these frosty clear Soft Loop Bags. The printed Wilbur bud on the side gussets really make these bags something special!