Your hotel’s reputation for luxury and comfort has brought in patrons from around the world. Make sure your hotel’s packaging is as classy as your establishment. Nothing makes your brand look better than some coordinated gift bags for your hotel guests. We can help you create the perfect look for your growing hotel. S. Walter Packaging will even help you further brand your gift shop, and help coordinate all of your packaging needs-- including labels, tissue, boxes and bags.

    The Hotel and Resort Industry uses a variety of packaging elements for their wide market, whether it be for the hotel gift shops and boutiques, restaurants, housekeeping or promotional events. See how different hotels use our custom packaging for their custom collections!

    The Talbott Hotel uses a stunning narrow eurotote that has a rich color pallet, complimenting their brand. The thin side gussets are printed in a subtle pattern. What really makes this bag special is an image of the building on the inside!

    The Great Wolf Lodge offers packaging that fits its resort’s character perfectly! Natural Kraft materials are used in the shoppers and tissue paper. The Plastic wave bags and small merchandise bags are used for their food and spa areas.

    Don’t forget that's it's all in the details! Customize ribbon, labels, tags and tissue! Branding all these elements makes a lasting impression to your guests!

    Restaurants and food service are a large part of the hotel industry. Whether it be a plastic carry out bag or a sleeve to cover the glasses in a dining room, we have you covered!