Floral Bouquet

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    Floral Bouquet - Materials Needed

    Floral Bouquet, Kraft Paper, Tissue Paper or Gift Wrap, Scissors, Ribbon

    Floral Bouquet - Step 1

    Cut a square piece of kraft wrapping paper slightly larger than your bouquet of flowers.

    Floral Bouquet - Step 2

    Layer a folded sheet of tissue paper on top.

    Floral Bouquet - Step 3

    Place floral bouquet on top of tissue and paper.

    Floral Bouquet - Step 4

    Fold bottom of paper and tissue over the bottom stems of the bouquet.

    Floral Bouquet - Step 5

    Fold the right side over the flowers and turn edge outward to show a peekaboo of tissue paper.

    Floral Bouquet - Step 5

    Repeat on the left side. Secure with a ribbon bow tied around stems.