Flower Tube Wrapper

    Flower Tube Wrapper - Materials

    Craft acetate cylinder, tissue paper, scissors, twine or ribbon & tape.

    Flower Tube Wrapper - Step 1

    Fill cylinder with gift.

    Flower Tube Wrapper - Step 2

    To make flower, cut a 9-by- 30-inch piece of tissue paper. Fold, accordion style, in 5-inch-wide layers. Cut petals in smaller end; unfold and lay on flat surface.

    Flower Tube Wrapper - Step 3

    Place cylinder on paper with bottom about 1 inch from uncut end, and roll; tape sides and bottom with double-sided tape. Tie ribbon above top of cylinder.

    Flower Tube Wrapper - Step 4

    Gently peel petals down to open flower. If you use a different height cylinder, adjust height of paper; for a multicolored blossom, wrap a second layer of paper around cylinder after first is secure; secure with ribbon.