Ghost Garland

    Featuring: Wraphia*

    Ghost Garland - Materials Needed

    Scissors & Wraphia

    Ghost Garland - Step 1

    Wrap wraphia around a box or the back of a chair. The more you wrap, the fuller the ghost will be.

    Ghost Garland - Step 2

    When done wrapping, knot wraphia. Then cut in the middle.

    Ghost Garland - Step 3

    A.) Next, cut 2 pieces of wraphia about 5 inches long. Use those to tie around group of wraphia in 2 evenly spaced areas. B.) Cut in the middle again to make 2 groups of wraphia.

    Ghost Garland - Step 4

    Pick up the wraphia where it is tied together. Split the top section in half and pull down over where it is tied together.

    Ghost Garland - Step 5

    Take another piece of 5" wraphia and tie it around to create a ghost head.

    Ghost Garland - Step 6

    Repeat as many times as needed. Each set makes 2 ghosts. String ghosts onto another piece of string or wraphia to make appropriate length of garland.

    * Featuring: White Wraphia