Paper Wreaths

    Paper Wreath - Materials Needed

    Cardboard, Glue, Xacto Knife, various color papers, & ribbon

    Paper Wreath - Step 1

    Cut a circle out of cardboard to create wreath form.

    Paper Wreath - Step 2

    Cut a leaf shape – about 3.5 x 1.5” and trace onto paper.

    Paper Wreath - Step 3

    Cut all leaf shapes out using scissors or an xacto knife.

    Paper Wreath - Step 4

    We used various colors and textures to create our wreath.

    Paper Wreath - Step 5

    Start with the outermost layer of leaves and glue around outside edge. Once done that layer, start next layer by offsetting the leaves to create dimension.

    Paper Wreath - Step 6

    Repeat until entire cardboard form is covered in leaves.

    Paper Wreath - Step 7

    On the last layer, fold leaves down and under wreath form – secure to back of cardboard. Add a ribbon bow!