Ribbon Rose

    Ribbon Rose - Materials Needed

    Ribbon, heavy paper, stapler, glue dot or hot glue, scissors or circle punch

    Ribbon Rose - Step 1

    Cut out a circle from a piece of heavy paper. The size of the circle will determine how big your flower will be.

    Ribbon Rose - Step 2

    Staple one end of the ribbon to the center of the circle.

    Ribbon Rose - Step 3

    Place glue dots on the rest of the circle, this will give the ribbon a place to stick to. If you don't have glue dots, use hot glue as you go.

    Ribbon Rose - Step 4

    Hold the circle with the attached ribbon in one hand while you twist the ribbon.

    Ribbon Rose - Step 5

    Start from the center and twist the ribbon around itself forming a rose.

    Ribbon Rose - Step 6

    Mount the end piece of the ribbon on the back side of the circle with a glue dot.