Twine Ball Ornaments

    Featuring: s. walter's Jute Cord*

    Twine Ball - Materials Needed

    small round balloons, twine, scissors, paint sponge, white glue, water, cornstarch, nonstick cooking spray

    Twine Ball - Step 1

    Blow up balloon, spray with nonstick cooking spray to prevent twine and glue from sticking to balloon. Mix 4 ounces of glue, 1/2 cup of cornstarch, and 1/4 cup warm water.

    Twine Ball - Step 2

    Wrap twine around balloon crisscrossing the twine until you are happy with appearance. Trim end of twine.

    Twine Ball - Step 3

    Use paint sponge to apply glue over twine.

    Twine Ball - Step 4

    Once completely covered in glue mixture, let dry overnight.

    Twine Ball - Step 5

    Pop balloon and carefully pull it out through one of the larger gaps in twine.

    Twine Ball - Step 6

    Add an ornament hook or piece of twine to hang the ornament from.

    * Featuring: Jute Cord