Custom Christmas Packaging

    Overabundance of deals for you during the Christmas Season!

    The trick to establishing nice packaging is to work off of a theme. This could be done by setting up a color palette and then coordinating all of the parts into this color scheme. Luckily for Christmas, there are already many different established color palettes to work with. Some of the more traditional are gold and silver, or green and red. These are classic combinations and in a pinch they will never fail.

    When you are setting up a packaging theme the base color is every bit as important as the accents around it. A simple example is to take red box. This does satisfy the need to transport a gift, but you can easily and affordably make your packaging extraordinary by adding green, or silver and gold ribbons. Do not let these recommendations limit you a a well-placed bow can also make a package all the more important.

    As people age the excitement that comes with shredding the giftwrap off of a package may subside. This however does not mean that less attention should be paid towards the packaging. A simple way to maintain the sense of mystery that a child feels when opening a package, but while dialing back on the visceral act of tearing giftwrap to shreds, is to simply wrap a gift in tissue paper and place it in a bag to make your own custom packaging.

    Custom retail Packaging is S. Walter’s specialty and we are available to help you set up any type of packaging strategy.