Whether you are a small, one-shop store or a large national chain - or anything in between - S. Walter has you covered. We won't just provide you with exceptional packaging at the best prices, we will offer exceptional customer service, sales support, logistics, and art services to ensure your brand image is perfect.


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    Custom Retail Packaging- It Makes A Difference

    Custom Retail Packaging- It Makes A Difference

    Packaging is the party of a purchase. Imagine getting a birthday cake that has no personalized touch. No "Happy Birthday Jane". Or a birthday card that only has the generic text printed inside. Not signed by anyone. It's disappointing to even think about. Blank and boring packaging is that cake and card for your customers. Custom packaging does more than you think. It is take-away brand promotion. Whether it's a branded box, or a printed bag with… [Read More]

    Become More Eco-Conscious with Sustainable Packaging Solutions

    Become More Eco-Conscious with Sustainable Packaging Solutions

    The EPA urges small businesses to minimize waste and save money through activities like in-process recycling and packaging design reductions. Small- to mid-sized company owners can do their part to protect the environment by adopting sustainable solutions and eco-friendly packing ideas into their business practices. Use Recycled Packaging          The most eco-friendly decision you can make is to incorporate a dedicated percentage of recycled materials into your packaging.  This single action will break the toxic chain of industry-consumer… [Read More]