Whether you are a small, one-shop store or a large national chain - or anything in between - S. Walter has you covered. We won't just provide you with exceptional packaging at the best prices, we will offer exceptional customer service, sales support, logistics, and art services to ensure your brand image is perfect.


    Timely and professional nationwide support service


    Global distribution, warehousing, and vendor-managed inventory capabilities


    Fully-capable team of designers to refresh your brand, from concept to creation



    Smart Retailers are Techie Retailers

    Smart Retailers are Techie Retailers

    There's no debate about the fact that retail and technology are merging. With the influx of e-commerce, apps, and social media touching all facets of life, retailers who are committed to success recognize that keeping up with technology is a necessity in this day and age. But, perhaps the sharpest of retailers are doing even more than that. As Forbes Contributor Michael Jones points out, if you want to stay ahead of tech trends in retail, then think like a tech… [Read More]

    Retailer Gratitude & Consumer Loyalty Go Hand-in-Hand

    Retailer Gratitude & Consumer Loyalty Go Hand-in-Hand

    It's no secret to retailers, whether large or small, that customer service has a direct and meaningful impact on the loyalty of their customer base. However, what may come as a surprise, is that in a world that is becoming increasingly less personal, one of the most important individual components of that customer service is still good, old-fashioned gratitude. In a recent survey TD Bank polled over 1,000 consumers across the country about brand gratitude, and then… [Read More]