Markets Served

    S. Walter Packaging has been providing packaging solutions for over 110 years—so we know a thing or two about packaging! One of the best ways to guarantee a quality packaging program is with coordinated packaging. S. Walter’s dedicated team of Customer Representatives and In-house Creative Department can help create coordinated packaging for any industry. Contact us today so we can help carry your brand further.

    Your store’s apparel needs to be packaged with style. S. Walter Packaging has a number of boxes, hangers, shopping bags, garment bags, ribbon, labels and tissue designed to present your product wonderfully. These items can be customized with your store’s logo, and we’ll even show you which products goes with which to help you create the perfect coordinated packaging.
    Your customers have a serious sweet tooth, and you know the package that presents your treats is as important as the sugary goodness inside. S. Walter Packaging’s specialty candy bags, candy boxes, linen pouches and wax paper wraps are perfect for your sweet shop. We can help you find the perfect products for your coordinated candy packaging solution.
    Nothing makes someone feel appreciated more than a gift, that’s why S. Walter Packaging believes the gift’s presentation is as important as the thought itself. Whether it’s gift boxes, gift cards or gift wrap—S. Walter Packaging can help your gift shop create a beautiful coordinated packaging presentation.
    There’s always time to improve your golf swing—just like there is always time to improve your packaging! Is your country club in need of a new coordinated packaging look? Does your golf shop have custom packaging for your customers? S. Walter Packaging is ready to help you put something together for your golf related needs.
    Your hotel’s reputation for luxury and comfort has brought in patrons from around the world. Make sure your hotel’s packaging is as classy as your establishment. Nothing makes your brand look better than some coordinated gift bags for your hotel guests. We can help you create the perfect look for your growing hotel. S. Walter Packaging will even help you further brand your gift shop, and help coordinate all of your packaging needs-- including labels, tissue, boxes and bags.
    One of the most thoughtful gifts you can give someone is jewelry. Your jewelry store’s packaging should be as beautiful as the diamonds they provide. S. Walter Packaging can help you create the perfect coordinated packaging for jewelry. Our jewelry boxes, pouches and gift boxes are just a few ways to package your store’s stunning jewelry, and our creative team can help you design the perfect logo for your new packaging.
    Bringing something home from the museum is a great way to ensure lasting memories. Don’t let your museum’s visitors bring something home in a plain bag! S. Walter Packaging can help you create the perfect coordinated packaging look for your historic site.
    From runners to brisk walkers—everyone needs shoes. Your customers trust their feet with your product, so trust us with your packaging! S. Walter Packaging has an array of boxes, bags and tissue needed for the perfect packaging. Our dedicated team of designers and customer service representatives will help you create that custom coordinated look for your shoe store.
    Your toys bring smiles to children every day. When you add custom coordinated packaging to your brand-- kids will recognize your toys before they even play with them. We can help you create the perfect custom coordinated look for your toy store that will really make kids smile.