Fully Custom

Fully custom products are produced through a tight-knit group of domestic and overseas vendors. Typically, these projects involve printing the substrate prior to assembling the final product (versus post-printing where pre-made products are imprinted). Given the nature of the production, fully custom jobs typically have higher minimums of at least 1,000. Price economies increase as the quantity increases. The technologies for printing the substrates are similar, ranging from ink printing to hot stamping; however, there are endless custom finishing options, including:

  • Soft Touch Finishes
  • Spot UV and Textured UV Finishes
  • Gloss or Matte Varnish Finishes
  • Multi-level Embossing and/or Debossing
  • Printed Interiors, Turn Tops, Bottom Boards, and Handles

Whether you are looking for a distinct design, a specific finish, or are working within a certain budget, we can put together a custom packaging program for you. Not sure of the difference between short-run post-printing and a fully-custom job? Click here to learn more

beautybrands - Fully Custom

Beauty Brands

grasshoppergolf - Fully Custom

Grasshopper FO Die Cut

herogummyvitamins - Fully Custom

Hero Vitamins PPNW

kimarashnert2011group - Fully Custom

Kimara Ahnert

leytonastor - Fully Custom

Leyton Astor

lilly - Fully Custom

Lilly Pulitzer

marlynschiff - Fully Custom

Marlyn Schiff

robertaroller - Fully Custom

Roberta Roller Rabbit

swgreen - Fully Custom

SW Green – PPNW

teesbytina - Fully Custom

Tina Stephens PPNW

wingedfoot - Fully Custom

Winged Foot Patch Handle