Art Submission

Ready to get started on your custom packaging? Here are some guidelines for how to submit your art files!

Electronic Art Submission

Art may be electronically submitted via email ( or FTP ( Please email for access to FTP, and please zip or stuff files prior to upload/email.

Send Copies of Your Files

Please send copies of any and all files used. Always reference the Sales or Customer Service Staff in charge of the account, your name, the name of your company, and a contact number where you can be reached.

Important File Format Information

We prefer files set up in Illustrator, as vectorized art. Avoid other programs that were created for publishing purposes or photo touch ups. Be advised that if art is not supplied as a vector file and/or it needs to be modified, resized, or trapped (see note on trapping to below), there will be additional art charges for the necessary changes. Our current hourly rate is $88.25.

Accepted File Formats

We prefer artwork files be in Creative Cloud Illustrator or InDesign. Microsoft Office application files are NOT accepted because they are not appropriate for reproduction purposes. PDFs are accepted, but please make sure all fonts are converted to outlined or set to curves, not embedded. Please supply all linked files. All files must be able to open and be edited in Illustrator.

Hot Stamp Post-Printing

For hot-stamping artwork, please supply black and white, line art, bitmapped images (NOT Grayscale) and preferably 1200 dpi. We can convert a scan prepared to these specfications to a vector file. Lower resolutions and color submitted files will require additional art time and charges will apply. Again, vector files have the best reproductive capability for Flexo and Hot Stamp printing.

Flexo/Ink Post-Printing

For ink-printing artwork, we prefer Illustrator files. If this is not possible, please supply your best resolution logo so it can be converted to a vector file. Additional art charges will be applicable.

Trapping Information

In flexographic printing, adjacent ink colors will overlap slightly. This overlap is called a “TRAP”. Do not use the automatic trap feature from your program, as it does not suit the flexographic process. Please allow us to trap your art.

All submitted art is subject to our review.