Paper Wreaths

supplies 15 - Paper Wreaths

Materials Needed:

Cardboard, Glue, Xacto Knife, Various Color Papers, & Ribbon

step1 15 - Paper Wreaths

Step :

Cut A Circle Out Of Cardboard To Create Wreath Form.

step2 15 - Paper Wreaths

Step :

Cut A Leaf Shape – About 3.5 X 1.5” And Trace Onto Paper.

step3 15 - Paper Wreaths

Step :

Cut All Leaf Shapes Out Using Scissors Or An Xacto Knife.

step4 14 - Paper Wreaths

Step :

We Used Various Colors And Textures To Create Our Wreath.

step5 9 - Paper Wreaths

Step :

Start With The Outermost Layer Of Leaves And Glue Around Outside Edge. Once Done That Layer, Start Next Layer By Offsetting The Leaves To Create Dimension.

step6 7 - Paper Wreaths

Step :

Repeat Until Entire Cardboard Form Is Covered In Leaves.

step7 3 - Paper Wreaths

Step :

On The Last Layer, Fold Leaves Down And Under Wreath Form – Secure To Back Of Cardboard. Add A Ribbon Bow!