Pinwheel Bows

supplies 16 - Pinwheel Bows

Materials Needed:

Wrapping Paper, Glue Dots, Button, And Scissors

step1 16 - Pinwheel Bows

Step :

Cut Down A Piece Of Wrapping Paper To 6x6

step2 16 - Pinwheel Bows

Step :

Cut Diagonal Lines Across Your Square To Join Up The Corners.

step3 16 - Pinwheel Bows

Step :

Place A Glue Dot In Center Of Square.

step4 15 - Pinwheel Bows

Step :

Fold One Corner Of The Square Into The Center, Sticking It To The Glue Dot To Adhere.

step5 10 - Pinwheel Bows

Step :

Continue With Other 2 Corners Until All 4 Meet In The Middle Forming A Pinwheel.

step6 8 - Pinwheel Bows

Step :

Place Another Glue Dot On Underside Of Button And Place In Center Of Pinwheel To Finish Up.