Ribbon Garland

DIY Ribbon Garland

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supplies 20 - Ribbon Garland

Materials Needed:

Ribbon, Rope Cut To Desired Length, And Scissors

step1 20 - Ribbon Garland

Step :

Using Spools Of Ribbon In Desired Colors, Start Cutting Pieces About 16

step2 20 - Ribbon Garland

Step :

Take The Rope And One Piece Of Ribbon. Fold The Ribbon In Half With The Loop At The Top. Place The Ribbon Behind The Rope.

step3 20 - Ribbon Garland

Step :

Take The Tails Of The Ribbon, Put Them Through The Loop, And Pull Tightly Through.

step4 19 - Ribbon Garland

Step :

Continue This Pattern With More Pieces Of Ribbon, Until You Are Satisfied With The Length Of The Garland.