Ribbon Rose

supplies 23 - Ribbon Rose

Materials Needed:

Ribbon, Heavy Paper, Stapler, Glue Dot Or Hot Glue, Scissors Or Circle Punch

step1 23 - Ribbon Rose

Step :

Cut Out A Circle From A Piece Of Heavy Paper. The Size Of The Circle Will Determine How Big Your Flower Will Be.

step2 23 - Ribbon Rose

Step :

Staple One End Of The Ribbon To The Center Of The Circle.

step3 23 - Ribbon Rose

Step :

Place Glue Dots On The Rest Of The Circle, This Will Give The Ribbon A Place To Stick To. If You Don't Have Glue Dots, Use Hot Glue As You Go.

step4 22 - Ribbon Rose

Step :

Hold The Circle With The Attached Ribbon In One Hand While You Twist The Ribbon.

step5 16 - Ribbon Rose

Step :

Start From The Center And Twist The Ribbon Around Itself Forming A Rose.

step6 10 - Ribbon Rose

Step :

Mount The End Piece Of The Ribbon On The Back Side Of The Circle With A Glue Dot.