Tissue Poppies

DIY Tissue Poppies

Featuring: Tissue *

supplies 32 - Tissue Poppies

Materials Needed:

Tissue Paper, Pipe Cleaners, Scissors, Circle Tracer, Pen

step1 33 - Tissue Poppies

Step :

With About 10 Layers Of Tissue, Trace A Circle Onto The Red Tissue.

step2 33 - Tissue Poppies

Step :

Cut Out Circles With Scissors.

step3 32 - Tissue Poppies

Step :

Trace Smaller Circles Onto Black Paper. Cut With Scissors (Or You Can Use A Circle Punch!)

step4 31 - Tissue Poppies

Step :

Now You Have The Outer & Inner Parts For The Poppies.

step5 23 - Tissue Poppies

Step :

Poke A Hole In The Middle Of The Tissue Circles And Feed A Pipe Cleaner Through It To Form The Stem.

step6 17 - Tissue Poppies

Step :

Bend Down The Tip Of The Pipe Cleaner To Form A Hook. This Will Keep The Pipe Cleaner In Place.

step7 6 - Tissue Poppies

Step :

Layer By Layer, Spread And Ruffle The Tissue To Create The Petals.

step8 1 - Tissue Poppies

Step :

Fluff Layers Until The Poppies Shape Is Formed To Your Liking!