Keeping tabs on social media is always a good idea for e-commerce retailers looking for unique opportunities to leverage a trend, or even to find answers for why a previously reliable practice isn’t being received as well anymore.

“Unboxing” videos, the practice of simply filming a brand new product being removed from its packaging, are a great example of this. There’s a big increase in searches for the term in recent years, and on YouTube, the top channels dedicated to the genre pull in collective views in the billions.

Physical Packaging Matters Again

One of the intuitive bonuses of e-commerce over traditional retail should be spending less on packaging. After all, you only have to sell it on your store page! But in the age of firmly established social media platforms, particularly YouTube and Instagram, unboxing videos have changed that.

Losing an opportunity for cutting costs might seem like a bit of a drag. It’s also an opportunity!

Take e-commerce clothing retailer Tory Burch as your example. They re-designed their packaging several years back, noting the trend of social media influencers posting unboxing videos. That gave their existing customers a reason to start posting videos featuring their products. Heavy social media users get their content, and Tory Burch gets great buzz out of the increase in content that puts their clothing front and center — starting with the packaging!

How To Get Started

Overhaul your packaging for a social media-ready unboxing showcase. S. Walter Packaging have the know how to help you decide on the best looking and feeling packaging that matches your products. Tap into the marketing potential of encouraging unboxing videos and contact us today!