Short Run Program

Our short-run post-printing service involves imprinting pre-made stock bags, boxes, and ribbon, whether through hot-stamping or ink printing. Short-run post-printing jobs typically run from 100 to 3,000 impressions and are proudly printed in our Philadelphia, PA or Portland, OR facilities. Technologies for each differ, as well as imprint colors – see below for more information on the various short-run printing technologies and options.

hot stamp group 1 1 - Short Run Program

Hot Stamp

Hot stamping is a dry printing method whereby predried foils are pressed and transferred through heat onto a bag, box, or ribbon.

ink print 1 - Short Run Program

Ink Print

Ink Printing is a form of post-printing which utilizes a flexible “relief” plate, and is often referred to as “flexo printing”. The flexible, often rubber, plate is dipped in liquid ink and stamped onto the paper or plastic bag or apparel box.