Beauty is a luxury. Let’s face it, a flattering everyday haircut and basic make-up routine will suffice for work or most any other practical situation. Beyond those basics, people frequent spas, salons and cosmetic counters not because they need the services or products, but because they need that wonderful feeling of indulgence. A pedicure in the dead of winter is worth the money not because it is practical, it may not even be visible, but because it feels good to have pretty toes. If you are providing beauty services, it is crucial that your customers feel pampered and important. And one way to continue the experience, even after they leave your store or salon, is with luxurious packaging of your products.


You wouldn’t put a massage table in an ugly room, so why put the massage lotion your customer buys in an ugly package? A shopping bag which echoes the colors of your spa, will keep that spa vibe going just a little bit longer. So even the drive in traffic or the bus ride home will have a touch of tranquility lingering about it.

Nail Salons

Nail polish is tiny; it can be thrown in a purse. There is no need for special packaging, is there? Not if you want your customer to feel that his/her new polish is about as special as their car keys. In a luxurious package, they will look at it all the way home and think “I love how my nails look, and I love this color I bought!” But if it’s a tiny bottle in an anonymous bag, they will be thinking “Should I have spent all that money on this?”

Hair Salons

Here is your chance to send your customer home with something to hold not only the shampoo or gel, but other things they might buy on the way home. A trip to get a haircut or perm and run a few errands becomes a destination trip to the salon when the package reminds her of how special it was.

Cosmetic Retailers

The right shopping bag, something you can get at the grocery store, becomes a gift bag if it’s the right one. An attractive package makes the new make-up or perfume feel like a present. And again, a nice package tends to stick around a little longer, get reused, and remind your customer where they got that wonderful item that makes them feel so good.

Blah and boring packaging elicits a momentary twinge of disappointment, a second or two of “Oh, yeah, okay…” instead of delight. It only lasts a minute, and then of course no one gives it a second thought. But that’s the problem. No second, or third, thought the experience is decreased ever so slightly, and the chance to impress your customer, is lost. While there may be little negative about it, there is nothing positive to build loyalty or satisfaction. We specialize in prolonging the customer satisfaction you’ve worked so hard to gain. Contact us. Contact us for ideas on packaging your product, from boxes and bags to tags and labels. We aim to impress.