Brick and mortar shops are suffering. Sales are decreasing and more people are shopping online because they don’t have to wait in lines or dodge huge crowds of people. Retailtainment is a new marketing strategy that uses emotion, sounds, and promotions to get customers interested in your products and in the mood to buy.

What is Retailtainment?

Retailtainment is a marketing trend that makes retailers go beyond simply having a nice-looking store. They need something bigger to bring in new customers. An example would be creating a fun atmosphere such as playing music, having comfortable seating, televisions, a cafe or restaurant, or other forms of entertainment that will draw people into your store. The atmosphere you create in your store has a large impact on customers. If your store has the reputation of being “cool” and a place people can come to hang out without feeling pressured or out-of-place, then it will attract customers.

Why is Retailtainment Effective?

The goal of Retailtainment is to change the shopping experience.  Businesses want to create a place that people will come to everyday, not just for large shopping trips. They want to become a place where people go besides work and home. Retailtainment will improve your businesses marketing strategies by increasing the number of people who come into your store and make purchases.

Finding the right Retailtainment strategy can be difficult. Not everyone can put a restaurant or movie theater in their store.  To learn more about Retailtainment and new and emerging marketing trends, stayed tuned!